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We are a multivendor integrator company and have been automating retail business for over 15 years. Our holding includes 5 companies in 10 countries on 3 continents.

Atriny team implements highly specialized professional retail products as well as present our own developments to you — SaaS product Freshto (shelf life management & control) and analytical platform of solutions – Numberz.
At least 70 percent of our team came from retail. We’ve embodied the accumulated experience in implementing Enterprise solutions and implementing our developments to improve retail business processes in our own products that can solve complex, narrow, and specific tasks.

Eight years of experience and practice in implementing solutions for the biggest players in our markets have become the basis for our ideas in creating our own solutions. The ideas we create become products after testing in our customers’ businesses and show good results.

Our Super Power is to make the complex simple, manageable and clear.

Client benefits

  • Increase in profitability
  • Reduction of wastage up to 60%
  • Reduction of labor costs in the process of expiration date control
  • Minimization of human factor influence
  • System organization of work


Our customers are local and multinational retailers whose mission is to develop.
We cooperate with TOP retailers, in each of the markets:

  • ATB
  • Novus
  • Magnum
  • ToiMart
  • Bravo
  • Linella.

Why Atriny?

Our solutions have elements that complement our customers’ Enterprise solutions and improve their business processes.

Our expertise and knowledge allow us to anticipate trends — we are able to show you the development of your business in the future

We provide a full range of services from audit and consulting, development of own products, implementation, and data analytics to support and development of local modifications.

Our values

Responsibility and quality

For our team, any project is of high importance, regardless of its scale. Each stage of development and implementation is strict control and compliance with internal standards.

Expertise and knowledge

We improve our knowledge and experience in each project, and then we package it into new solutions that bring profit to our customers.

Teamwork and interaction

Each project is the result of joint work, we value the ideas of employees and are open to suggestions from the client.

Creativity and innovation

We offer up-to-date solutions, but we are not limited to standards and actively introduce innovations confirmed by practice.


The team sets high goals for itself, breaking them down into understandable and achievable steps, we look and move in one direction and achieve results.

Freedom and self-determination

We contribute to the development of both personal and expert characteristics of colleagues, which ensures the versatility of vision and problem-solving.


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