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With the increase in the number of purchases and the choice of various sources (Off-line, On-line, Omnichannel) for making these purchases, fulfilling customer orders becomes even more difficult since retail chains need to ensure the availability of suitable products at the right time and place where they are needed. Atriny team’s experience and our tools help retailers manage both manual and automatic orders, and implementation on any channel — ensuring accuracy and convenience for customers.

In turn, the presence of a clear assortment policy is a prerequisite for the application of an auto-order system. The introduction of auto-order contributes to increase in sales by reducing the level of lost sales (with the introduction of auto-order, the possibility of reducing this indicator from the average market of 12-15% can reach 4-7%, which helps to increase the margin by 4-8%), saving time for procurement specialists, as well as increasing customer loyalty.

The main goals pursued in the implementation of demand and sales forecasting tools

  • A high percentage of lost sales.
  • Lack of promo-activity in calculations, preparation for holiday / seasonal surge in sales.
  • It takes a lot of time and resources to complete an order a day.
  • The turnover of the goods takes a lot of calendar time.
  • Excess stocks or shortages of goods.
  • There is no possibility to take into account “goods on the way”.
  • Inability to track the completeness and consistency of prices in the order.
  • Reducing surplus inventory and optimizing assortment.
  • Increasing the availability of goods.
  • Improvement of enterprise turnover indicators.
  • Optimization of time by automating the working processes with stocks and orders.
  • Reduction of time and resources for order creation.
  • Elimination of the reasons why the assortment is lowered «to zero»
  • Assortment optimization to improve the turnover of goods.
  • Optimization of supply conditions when working with suppliers.


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Improving the quality and freshness of the assortment
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Reduction of stocks, including food stock
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Manage orders from occurrence to execution — from any source

Retail chains are encouraged to manage an even wider variety of order types and channels — from classic to e-commerce and web orders, mobile phones, clicks and fees, promotions, etc. With real-time viewing capabilities and unified inventory management capabilities, our solutions optimize and automate the entire order management process from supplier to consumer.

Import with confidence, compliance with requirements and rules

Retail chains offer products from thousands of manufacturers and suppliers around the world. With this choice, there arises a problem of managing extended supply chains and observing a variety of customs requirements and other rules. For import orders, our solutions allow you to track the progress of deliveries at all points from the creation of the order to the warehouse receipt, and effectively manage the exchange of data across all parties involved.

Provide your customers with convenience when choosing, collecting and ordering goods

Today’s multi-channel shoppers dictate retail where, how, and when they buy goods. As the growing trend of tracking purchases continues, retailers need to provide a convenient process and find solutions that will save time for customers and shipping costs. Our solutions help retailers to be content with their customers’ trust, ensuring product availability, order fulfillment, and promises.

One day from the life of a purchasing specialist with a solution from Atriny - replenishment of goods

Auto-order functions allow you to generate orders in various versions, using both one model and mixing everything:

The process of generating Auto-Orders can look like this:

The industry retail solution uses a daily forecast to generate orders, taking into account all the logistic, financial, and service restrictions associated with:

The main advantages obtained by implementing the solution

The greatest effect of using the functionality of Auto-order can be achieved in conjunction with the forecasting module GOLD Demand Forecasting.

Atriny provides comprehensive solutions for automating business processes in retail: sales forecast and inventory management, pricing and assortment management, operations, and personnel in a retail store. Our clients receive a ready-made solution for retail, project support, and support throughout the entire period of use of the systems. For all questions, write to or fill in the form below.


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