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Atriny provides customers with full-cycle service, which implies technical and consulting support after implementation of projects. Solutions support from Atriny is provided in the 24/7/365 format, which ensures uninterrupted and correct operation of all customer business processes and increases the level of predictability of business results.

Support for our customers is provided considering specific individual customer requirements: consulting (business support), technical support, software updates, development of local product modifications.

We guarantee a high level of support for our customers. Therefore, we offer customers to conclude a service level guarantee agreement (Service Level Agreement), where the quality of service level is determined and evaluated monthly by key performance indicators that directly determine the cost of support. Thus, we are interested in providing the highest level of support services, and the assessment of the level of quality of support is determined jointly with the customer.

To easily manage the technical support tasks of our solutions, we provide customers with access to the HelpDesk system. Through HelpDesk, customer users can independently create support requests indicating the priority of the request, time to execute it, monitor the status of the solution of the request, and communicate on request through HelpDesk.

Atriny offers complex solutions for automated processes in retail and distribution. We provide audit and consulting services for retail, implementation of IT solutions, and customer support throughout the entire life of the systems. For retail, inventory management, and auto order, write to or order a specialist consultation using the form below.


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