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Industry realities force retailers to rethink how they manage their most valuable asset — the physical locations of a product (rack, shelf, extra space, etc.). Retailers should provide a positive store experience while increasing productivity and increasing return on investment. Atriny Group and Symphony GOLD category management tools provide retailers and their manufacturing partners with solutions to optimize store space and categories in different formats and locations. Retail assortment management solutions also speed up the time from concept to store.

A modern category management strategy and category management software solutions provide the retailer with obvious business benefits. The ability to view, manage, and handle complex, changing components of CM processes affects key business indicators, from sales and profit levels to customer loyalty and market share.



Sales growth due to more efficient range optimization


Lower OOS through tight integration with the supply chain


Decrease in stocks due to localization of assortment

CM  tools offered by Atriny Group include a full range of assortment and item management, from creating a goods catalog to product placement on shelves by store personnel. Symphony GOLD CM solutions help automate many processes along the way to a shelf.

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Strategic Category planning

Assortment and space synchronization

Maximize the productivity of the total store area and increase employee productivity. When a company manages several store sizes, formats, and layouts, it is challenging to determine the optimal use of the total footage. How to ensure each floor planning strategy at the store level? We help retailers optimize floor plans and analyze performance for individual products and categories at the store level. We can help to connect HQ and stores to ensure that relevant plans are shared with everyone.

Matching space to a category with an optimal assortment

Store space is limited. Retail chains should increase productivity and minimize inventory levels without compromising supply and range while identifying and adapting growth opportunities for a category. We deliver solutions that define the right space for optimized assortments to maintain optimal inventory and achieve high shelf availability.

Using planograms with digital visualization

Virtual reality gives retailers a fast and accurate way to test and optimize planograms. Our CM t solutions have 2D and 3D realistic digital images that help you practically handle planograms to determine the optimal placement of a product, check the adjacency of the assortment, and optimize the design of the shelf.

Automatic creation of store planograms

When range and planograms are localized, they meet the customers’ needs better and stimulate sales and profits. But this is a complicated task when there are hundreds or thousands of stores and categories. Our assortment management software solutions automate the creation of specific store planograms — increasing the productivity of range planning groups and speeding up market entry.

Ensure compliance of assortment with planograms on the shelf

While managing many categories and products, it isn’t easy to understand whether merchandising goals, shelf standards, or agreed planograms employ shelves. We offer an innovative retail assortment management solution that accelerates the implementation of a planogram, improves compliance, and allows you to control shelf management on any device anytime and anywhere.

Depending on the company’s current needs, business consultants at Atryny Group can offer the best option for implementing and adapting business processes and assortment management tools and methods based on extensive practical experience in implementing projects of such type. In terms of the software used in the company, Atriny Group selects tools, based on the best software in the industry, for category management and evaluates the project’s payback period. A project can be either a comprehensive implementation or the implementation of a Step by Step or Road Map for the phased development of category management in a company.

The implementation of CM solutions in the company will allow you to quickly and efficiently:

One of the key benefits gained by using the solution:

Atriny offers comprehensive assortment management solutions. Email us to learn more about retail assortment management tools, or fill out the form below.


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