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ERP Software Solutions is a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes. With the ability to streamline operations, improve efficiencies, and boost productivity, ERP software is a must-have for any organization looking to stay ahead of the competition. From inventory and order management to financial reporting and analytics, ERP software solutions provide a comprehensive suite of tools to help businesses operate more efficiently and make better-informed decisions.

There can be quite a lot of needs for automating central operations in a distribution network with ERP software tools:

  • The retail business is developing rapidly.
  • The network is in the process of work optimization.
  • The existing system does not meet the current tasks of the company.
  • There is no reliable and effective tool for optimizing business processes.
  • There are plans to introduce serious industry platforms and business process restructuring.

In addition, increasing investment attractiveness may still be a challenge for some retail market players.

The format of large retail stores involves a large assortment of goods, a complex order system, and much information that distinguishes the retail industry solution from other accounting systems of the ERP software solutions class. Traditionally, a retail company defines three levels of automation:

  • Cash transactions (front office)
  • Store operations (back office)
  • Operations of the company’s central office (head office)

Accordingly, an industry-specific, reliable, productive, and scalable platform is required to automate the operations management of a modern retail company.

Reaching the goal of centralization, transfer to a single platform with scalability, and automation of operations in the distribution network, the retail company ultimately provides itself with the following:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Profit increase
  • Centralized master data management
  • Supplier coordination, terms and conditions, and procurement schedules
  • Inventory administration
  • Assortment administration 
  • Sales conditions, margins, and pricing coordination
  • Sales channel administration (retail, wholesale, and online trading)
  • Management of domestic production
  • PROMO activity workflow
  • Statistics, operational and current reporting


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Lower operational and
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Reducing the cost
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Lower business costs

One of the most crucial problems for any retailer is to get complete and up-to-date information. And it is impossible to get complete and up-to-date information without standardization and automation of business processes. The solution for managing operations must cope with data storage and its processing because of the exponential growth of data processed in the retail chain. The answer is Enterprise resource planning software.

Considering the requirements of companies, a prerequisite is the availability of Master Data Management software (master data management) the foundation of a trade chain management system which includes basic data on:

  • Vendor code (Commodity structure, Goods (product description, including sales and supply data), Raw materials, and production cards of the actual production);
  • Retail chain (Shops and warehouses, Organizational structure);
  • Suppliers and customers (Suppliers, Customers, Contracts: commercial, payment, service).

In terms of operations performed with data in retail companies, the industry solution of Atriny Group, ERP software, carries automation of operations, including:

The ERP software solution offered by Atriny Group is scalable and supports the operation of the retail chain with more than 15 thousand retail outlets.

When switching to a resource planning solution from Atriny Group, a retailer receives an effective solution for managing basic retail operations:

  • The ERP software solution is developed considering 30 years of experience in implementing the largest retail chains worldwide.
  • The ERP software developed regarding the latest trends and trends in global retail.
  • An effective Enterprise management software solution that automates all the major processes of a retailer in the field of Supply Chain Management.

In practice, when implementing accounting systems, an increase in staff productivity is declared, a reduction in the number of errors (related to data entry and reconciliation), more effective management decisions, lower unproductive expenses, etc. However, the project’s main objective in implementing a centralized solution for operations management should be to increase the company’s efficiency.

Implementation Performance Indicators

According to independent news agencies, companies can achieve really significant results with the right and carefully planned implementation, such as:

Atriny Group provides complex ERP software solutions for retail, warehouse operations, and supply chain. Our team can also help you with loyalty programs, store assortment planning, planograms, replenishment planning, and auto-tracking product expiration dates. We can also empower your category managers with customer decision data. Atriny Group's team of experts provides business consulting, integration, and service maintenance for the entire period the system is being used. Please complete the form below or email us to schedule the consultation or demo.


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