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According to results of several studies conducted in Europe and the CIS, the success of implementing any automation system by 30-40% depends on the competence integration team and their knowledge (based on real cases, benchmarks and «best practices») in the corresponding subject area. There are not only IT specialists among our consultants but also practical experts who have deep practical knowledge in the industry, which distinguishes Atriny in contrast. Success in the implementation of any IT-system, including specialized one which has extensive capabilities (a large number of different management options), primarily depends on the knowledge that the integration team should be able to transfer to the Customer’s management.

Thus, within each of our business projects, we have a very careful approach to the formation of the project team and the creation of a positive and productive system of interaction with the Customer’s management team. In particular, within the framework of the project for IT solutions implementation, Atriny is presented by Solution Architect, Project Manager, Application Consultant for the software package, Business Consultant, Programmer for Configuring Interfaces, etc.

Also we offer our Customers to create a Governing Council — a special supervisory governing body with the function of a «sponsor» of the project, which will approve all significant proposals related to implementation and/or changes in the project, and be responsible for determining and implementing the project schedule (among which providing the necessary conditions and resources both from Atriny and within the Customer’s company).

Methodology for implementing IT solutions

For effective management of business projects (IT projects), Atriny uses international practices and methodologies for managing projects of different complexity and size, no matter which industry the Customer works in.


6 main principles of project management in Atriny are:

Atriny offers comprehensive services for the implementation of IT solutions and information systems, automated business processes in retail and distribution. For all questions regarding our solutions, as well as to register for audit and business consulting, write to or order a call back from a specialist using the form below.


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