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To attract and retain customers in retail while carrying out several targeted campaigns, retailers must synchronize strategies to match consumer segments with the most relevant combination of communication channels to maximize client interaction.

Atriny Group’s experience and Symphony GOLD consumer loyalty management software provide a comprehensive solution for managing multi-user campaigns and promotions to ensure constant consumer interaction and stimulate planned and impulse purchases.

«Loyalty is a journey, not a destination.»

Services Marketing, C. Lovelock & J. Wirtz, 6th edition, Capgemini Consulting Analysis. 2014

Most companies have basic transactional loyalty program software solutions, as rewards are based on purchases. A consumer purchases and takes points in exchange for gifts, goods, or discounts. If this is the most common and useful program, Capgemini says that 77% of these programs fail after 2 years (failure means a lack of interest from the customers’ side; programs fail because of high costs and low return on investment). In addition, it is common that such programs reward customers at the worst moment of purchase — when the buyer already pays!

On the other hand, only 25% of loyalty consumer loyalty management systems reward regulars on a different occasion than buying. For example, only 16% of loyalty programs reward customers for activities such as conducting online surveys, rating, browsing stores, or adding friends to the program. Similarly, only 14% use methods to reward regulars. Many companies have not yet found the pulse of the digital consumer.

Source: Capgemini Consulting Analysis, 2014

Note: Percentage is not up to 100, as the company can reward visitors in several ways

The main goals pursued in the implementation of loyalty management software:


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Increase in the share of regular customers
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Increase of revenue from regular customers
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Reducing the cost of maintaining Loyalty Programs

Conduct the campaigns oriented on interaction and result, on any sales channel

Customer loyalty increases when retailers send the right messages and offer the right segments through communication channels that are most relevant to each customer. Retailers need to constantly analyze the effectiveness of the campaign to make adjustments in the process for a particular campaign. We provide retailers with complete solutions that plan, execute and track large-volume campaigns with full visibility of all communication with customers to ensure continuous growth in revenue and margin.

Enhancing interaction with the holistic apprehension of your customers

What makes a loyalty campaign lucrative? This implies the creation of real-time digital communications with the most valuable customer segments. Having a full understanding of the previous customer purchase history superimposed on their future needs and preferences, you can manage more synchronized interaction programs that provide appropriate incentive triggers for each customer through the channel and frequency that is most suitable for them. This centralized consolidated presentation of customer information allows you to activate your interaction strategy effectively in the most profitable and economical way.

Personalize your customer communication

Research shows that shoppers want more personalized offers and events. Winning retailers acknowledge the value of personalization to increase the frequency of customer visits and the size of their baskets (check). Our loyalty software will help to create large volumes of personalized messages through direct mail, email, and text messages in real-time, contacting customers via any channel at any time, considering clients’ preferences.

Use the most profitable segments of your customers intelligently

Retailers need intuitive solutions to stimulate ongoing interaction with visitors to improve sales and long-term affection for them. Our advanced targeting capabilities allow us to efficiently identify and classify groups of customers — from the best to those with potential or from those who are inactive- and can be activated through targeted, personalized communication.

Support for retailers to work with suppliers

Collaboration on joint promotions and campaigns can be time-consuming and inefficient for retailers and suppliers. A common workspace simplifies communication and ensures everyone uses the same information. Our software solutions provide a common platform that provides retailers and suppliers access to unified data and solutions for joint management of any advertising campaign to achieve the best results.

The main advantages gained by implementing the loyalty management software solution

  • Single point of access to customer information
  • Access to Buyer Transaction History
  • Involving a customer in your business
  • Quick identification of growth areas
  • Real-time implementation and monitoring of activities
  • Generation of opportunities for sales growth (cross and up sale)
  • Optimization of promotional budgets
  • High-margin sales growth
  • Reduce customer churn
  • Attracting attention to your brand
  • Optimize customer engagement costs
  • Rapid return on investment in your engagement strategy
  • Increased Premium Sales for Better Profitability
  • Platform Independence (PC, Mac, Unix, Linux, I-phone, Android, IE7, Chrome, Firefox and more)
  • ETL Compliance
  • Implementing a synergy program combining efficiency and innovation
  • Short learning cycle for all users
  • Over 50,000 rewards per year in a single system
  • More than 2,000 campaigns per year in a single system
  • Over 10 Million Active Card Holders
  • Processing over 200,000 transactions per hour
Atriny Group provides complex software solutions for retail, warehouse operations, and supply chain. Our team can help you with loyalty programs, store assortment planning, planograms, replenishment planning, and auto-tracking product expiration dates. We can also empower your category managers with customer decision data. Atriny Group's team of experts provides business consulting, integration, and service maintenance for the entire period the software is being used. Please complete the form below or email us to schedule the consultation or demo.


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