Atriny will demonstrate the benefits of intelligent IT solutions for retail at EuroShop 2023

Atriny on the EuroShop 2023

The international integrator company Atriny will present intelligent IT solutions for retail trade at the EuroShop 2023 exhibition, which will be held from February 26 to March 2 in Germany.

Comprehensive integrated solutions supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning from our vendor cover all supply chain processes and enable retailers to:

  • select the optimal assortment for retail outlets;
  • effectively forecast demand and plan stock replenishment;
  • form an attractive presentation;
  • optimize store operations;
  • manage fresh products and own production;
  • manage warehouse operations;
  • analyze the supply chain and control real-time inventory visibility.

«We always set a high bar in our work. We continuously improve and are constantly looking for new opportunities to achieve the best results. Together with our partners, we promote innovation and quality to the global retail market, share our knowledge and experience with colleagues and customers. Participation in EuroShop opens up additional opportunities for the further development of the company, allows introducing retailers to progressive IT technologies that help to simplify work, improve productivity and, ultimately, contribute to increasing business profitability,» commented Pavel Scherbakov, the founder of Atriny.

The company’s experts conduct an in-depth audit of retail business processes and select the optimal solution, taking into account the unique needs of the client. And a wide and competently balanced portfolio of products, which includes both Atriny’s own developments and Enterprise solutions from leading suppliers, allows you to implement the tasks at the highest level.


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