Atriny’s portfolio has a solution that allows you to control the expiration dates of goods

The key to retail success is anticipating customer desires. You did an excellent job with the selection of the assortment, but products with an expiration date risk remaining on the shelves, and expired ones can ruin your reputation. Tracking deadlines for hundreds of SKUs with different delivery and storage conditions is not an easy task, which requires special tools to solve.

The Atriny team is always happy to help its clients run their businesses and simplifies routine tasks into small, manageable tasks that will eliminate problems forever. So in the portfolio of our solutions, there was a service for monitoring expiration dates, which allows you to sell goods in a timely manner, the term of which is coming to an end.

To do this, the service issues recommendations on when and for which product to make an interesting offer to the buyer in order to increase the likelihood of its sale. As a result, the cost of servicing balances and write-offs is reduced.

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