Voice Operations in action: a successful implementation story for Novus

SR Voice Operations technology in action: a successful implementation story for Novus

Atriny’s portfolio includes a wide range of solutions for automating business processes of retail, distribution, and logistics. Among them is a voice picking system, which allows users to significantly increase warehouse throughput, speed up the picking process, and enhance its accuracy.

Recently our colleagues from Consulting for Retail, which is a part of Atriny Group, completed a project on Voice Operations implementation at Novus, the largest retailer in Ukraine.

The C4R team of experts in the field of retail successfully integrated the SR VOICE, developed by SymphonyAI Retail CPG.

The solution automates the process of selecting and picking products from their location and picking them to a cell of the store. The implementation of IT solutions allowed for the elimination of unnecessary operations with buttons or screens, reduced picking time, and increased work safety in the warehouse.

«Based on the experience of our previous implemented projects, we have the fact that the picking process has been accelerated by 15%, while the number of errors has been reduced by half. Among the other benefits, we can also note the speed of integration of new employees: the training period was reduced to 3 days instead of 7 before the project. In terms of business metrics, this is a noticeable effect,» commented Vladimir Adamov, Head of Logistics of Consulting for Retail.

Read more about the benefits that the retailer has gained due to the Voice Operations implementation on the C4R website.


SymphonyAI Retail CPG, a division of SymphonyAI,  is the world’s leading provider of AI-driven solutions to deliver proven growth for retailers and CPG manufacturers. These solutions include tools for merchandising and category management, as well as integrated supply chain planning and retail operations.

Novus Ukraine is the largest retail chain in Ukraine that has been operating in the market since 2008. The company is ranked in the TOP-100 taxpayers list and has over 80 stores, providing employment to more than 5300 workers. The store offers an extensive range of products, with over 40,000 items available for purchase. The retailer is continuously expanding its range of private labels, which currently stands at over 400 products.


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