Retailers build Customer confidence by confirming that the products they want are available. This is due to effective forecasting and replenishment. Atriny’s experience and our tools help retailers satisfy their Customers’ needs and lower maintenance costs by accurately controlling inventory levels, increasing throughput, and streamlining operations. Built-in smart analytic tools provide visibility at every stage of the supply chain to improve forecasting and replenishment.

 The solution guarantees an optimal sales forecast for both permanent goods (replenishment) and promotional goods. This solution can significantly reduce operating and logistics costs while taking into account commercial and marketing restrictions in each store.


The main goals pursued by the implementation of sales forecasting tools.

  • Reduced investment in stocks (optimal stocks)
  • Maximizing GMROII (return on investment in stocks) in terms of Cost Reduction and Profit Increase.
  • Decrease in COGS (reducing the purchase prices and transportation costs), optimal use of economies of scale in procurement
  • Frequency / Procurement Schedule Optimization
  • Inventory decline
  • Minimizing storage space
  • Increase Inventory Turnover
  • Increase sales, minimize markdowns
  • Investment (speculative) purchases
  • Improving operations productivity (procurement)
  • Desired goods
  • In the right place
  • In the right amount
  • Decrease in expenses for routine operations, automation of routine operations
  • Optimization of working hours of procurement specialists
  • Optimization of storage space
  • Load Alignment at Acceptance


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Forecast accuracy
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Inventory reduction
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Loss reduction

Create Customer
oriented forecasts

The retailer’s forecast manages every stage of the supply chain, so retailers need to edit them correctly. The best of them are based on Customer-based inventory management and optimized service levels. Our solutions help retailers accurately predict demand across all channels — by applying analytics to historical and real-time data to create reliable forecasts for managing the entire supply chain.

Automatic recharge management

Retail chains need to ensure product availability while minimizing the time and cost of moving inventory across the supply chain. Our replenishment and warehouse solutions include pre-configured analytics that streamline and automate decision-making, support better replenishment strategies, and streamline direct orders for warehouses or suppliers to minimize errors, reduce costs, and speed up from time to time. 

Stock distribution management, including store opening and reformatting

When managing stock distribution for single events, such as opening a store, launching promotions or selling seasonal goods, retailers should have the right amount of assortment in the right places. Our solutions centrally plan and control the assortment and distribution of goods in certain periods for certain trading events.

The advantages of using a forecasting solution are the availability of the necessary functionality (Best Practices in the industry):

The functionality of the forecasting solution can be used in various architectures:

The main benefits of introducing a forecasting system in conjunction with the automatic order generation system are associated with an increase in the accuracy of calculating the needs of stores for goods, which leads to a reduction in stocks, loss reduction and the prevention of lost profits with insufficient stocks of popular goods.

The main advantages gained by implementing the solution

Complete Integrated Solution

The Atriny has high expertise, and conducts a deep audit and consulting of retail business processes. The team implements complex IT solutions to automate forecasting, pricing, loyalty program management, and auto-ordering systems. Get advice from our specialists, write to mail or fill out the form below, or fill out the form below.


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