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The main task of a warehouse management system is to ensure the availability of goods and their seamlessness flow. At the same time, the system must reduce maintenance costs and bring up service levels. 

Atriny Group’s experience and Symphony GOLD inventory management software unify storage and handling operations on an integrated platform that provides real-time visibility of all stock management, including data, to ensure optimal performance at lower costs.

An advanced distribution center stock management system is becoming a powerful tool for logisticians operators and the operations unit. WMS is a tool that helps the company to build professional business processes at various levels and for different needs. 

A larger number of settings creates a diverse approach to business-process construction and allows you to find a balance between flexibility and quality.  The synchronous and high-quality work of distribution center employees can now be automatically coordinated by managers based on the needs of incoming and outgoing goods.


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Increased employee productivity as a result of automatic processes and accurate accounting for left-over stock
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Reduce errors by improving process accuracy and standardization
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Sales growth due to exclusion of unprocessed orders, stock inconsistencies and other losses

Warehouse inventory management 

Atriny Group and Symphony GOLD warehouse management software provide technical and design solutions for each business process of a distribution center. In the same time, the dc management solution provides far more functionality and is not limited to distribution centers.

The Symphony EYC GOLD SCM (Supply Chain Management) family of software products consists of modular applications that implement all aspects of supply chain management, from organizing procurement activities to automating warehouse processes. The toolkit is a modular parametric warehouse management system allowing you to choose the optimal configuration for the initial start-up and long-term process control.

The key solution module – GOLD Warehouse Management (GOLD WM), is designed to automate the stock management (warehouses, distribution centers), monitor and control the receipt, shipment, and movement within a warehouse considering all possible stock operations (distribution, cross-docking, inventory control, etc.). Includes support for core technologies:

  • Voice Management (optional module)
  • Pick-to-Light, Pick-then-Pack
  • RFID
  • Operations using data collection terminals, receiving trolleys, paper media.

Achieve operational efficiency and accuracy with supply chain integration

A warehouse is located in the center of the flow of goods, where the goods must be moved and stored. Mistakes are unacceptable, and performance is a key indicator. Our stock management solutions simplify and significantly increase the warehouse’s operational efficiency, providing inventory control and asset efficiency while reducing equipment and support costs.

Real-time optimization of warehouse operations with analytics for consolidated data

By having the right information, you can build individual, optimal performance for inventory operations — for one distribution center, region, or global network. Our WMS solutions give an idea of what is important — from tracking admission through scheduling, supplier quality, and warehouse performance to every sock operation, SKU, and employees in a particular warehouse.

Automate and simplify operations using mobile technology

To increase the productivity of stock management, technological advances (mobile devices, voice control, etc.) simplify the process of order selection and separation and inventory management. Using voice information on mobile and smart devices allows companies to optimize the operation of the warehouse and minimize assembly errors at a lower total cost of ownership.

Using mobile devices in stock

Using mobile devices allows us to improve and enhance processes at distribution centers, increasing the system integration level of processes. Due to devices, the accuracy of the operation is increased, quality control is higher, and data on the movement of left-over stock can be monitored in real-time.

Feasibility of using mobile devices:

The key benefits of using a WMS solution are:

Atriny Group provides complex software solutions for retail, warehouse management, and supply chain. Our team can help you with store assortment planning, planograms, replenishment planning, and auto-tracking product expiration dates. We can also empower your category managers with customer decision data. Atriny Group's team of experts provides business consulting, integration, and service maintenance for the entire period the system is being used. Please complete the form below or email us to schedule the consultation or demo.


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